Sasha Kalmykov

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Sergey Kalmykov (Сергей Калмыков) was the Soviet Union's strangest surrealist avant-garde painter.  He also lived with an undiagnosed mental disorder now believed to be schizophrenia.  After decades of spending all his money on paints and canvases with just enough left over to purchase white bread and milk for sustenance, furnishing his apartment only with stacks of newspaper bundles, making his own royal gown-like clothes of sewn-together garbage in order to be "seen from space" and prophesying of a day where the Earth (populated by thousand-headed people) will revolve 17052 times per 24 hours, he died obscure and alone in a mental asylum in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 


"The End Of Light" is the soundtrack of Светопреставление <<Сергей Калмыков>>, a contemporary theater production inspired by his charismatic madness and follows his detailed rules of how to create a masterpiece.  The music serves as a presence that is in constant feedback with the character and stage design, creating a unified sensorial experience that exists somewhere between the fragility of a disintegrating life and the boundlessness of the eternal.